Upasthā – get closer 

«The eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, and the skin are termed the organs of intellect (buddhi) ; the voice, the hands, the feet, (the organs of) excretion and generation are called the organs of action» (Sāmkhyā-karikā, 26). 

Upastha is the Sanskrit word used to indicate the genitals in the above verse. When written with ā at the end, upasthā, the same word indicates the action of staying close, of approaching someone (also for sexual purposes), of meeting, of being present for someone, etc.

Upasthā is just what you need now, Aquarius. People around you help you. Trust affections and relationships, because they allow you to overcome discouragement and the impact of unexpected events. After all, you should be calm enough in love, to find all the support you need.


Upavistha kona-āsana, downward angle pose

Relax in this pose which is closed (head down – humility) and open (legs open – disposition towards others) at the same time. Practice it at least three times a week for two to five minutes (lean your forehead on a support).

Awareness exercise

With the organs of intellect and action you get in touch with others. But which of the two groups do you use most? Are you more inclined to listen or act? Watch yourself and find a balance between the two.

Mantra of the month

«I am grateful to be loved».