Shraddhā – faith

«Faith (shraddhā), devotion and the Yoga of meditation – these are mentioned by the shruti as the immediate factors of Liberation in the case of a seeker; whoever abides in these gets Liberation from the bondage of the body, which is the conjuring of Ignorance» (Vivekachudamani, 46).

Yoga implies a teleological faith, whereby everything that happens has a meaning for your own evolution. In early Buddhism, instead, the attitude is agnostic, but pragmatic: you do not know if everything makes sense, but you’d better think that it does, because you live better and you can learn to avoid problems in future.

Now, what if everything that happens had the purpose of shifting your attention to a more spiritual and less material plane, Cancer? For example, you could learn to take better care of yourself, to lead a life more in line with your inner needs and principles.

Ergo your irritability and your disappointment in the face of certain events are understandable, but pay attention to the occasions that certain facts hide: maybe they are in areas that you do not think are part of your life and therefore do not even consider. For once you could give them a chance.


Bhagavanāsana, blessed-pose

Open your wings in what is also known as the “bird of paradise”. Stay calm, sweet, confident. Repeat the pose every day for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Every evening sit for 5/10 minutes and think about one event of the day. Imagine all its consequences, imagine the sectors it can affect. Look for something in that fact that goes beyond appearances.

Mantra of the month

«The hidden side».