Maitry – friendship 

«(By samyama) on friendliness and so forth, (corresponding) powers» (Yoga-sūtra, 3.23).

If you stayed open as I advised you last month, you may be experiencing a period in which affections take a large part of your life. Relationships continue to be at the heart of your interests and activities, willy-nilly. On the other hand, it is not difficult for a Gemini to communicate or use all their charm to attract attention. Therefore, no particular effort is required, if not to avoid the mistakes that you usually make in relationships.


Ekapda-āsana, pose on one foot

Sometimes you have to be an equilibrist to juggle external relations with internal dynamics. Remember this every day with this pose, one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Sit every evening for 5-10 minutes in a meditative position. Consider the people you dealt with during the day: the ones you saw, crossed, heard by phone, message or mail, the ones you read about, the ones that came to your mind. Think about what binds you or unites you to these people, think about their strengths and weaknesses, think about the difficulties that they too, like you, face in their progress in life.

Mantra of the month 

«Watch out for the pitfalls of the ego».