Buddhi – intelligence

«Intellect is the distinguishing principle (adhyavasdya). Virtue, knowledge, freedom from passion, and power denote it when affected by (the mode) “goodness ‘ (sattva); when affected by ‘darkness’ (tamas) it is the reverse of these» (Sāmkhya-kārikā, 23).

The function of buddhi is to form ideas too. When it is in the form of sattva, the soul is more

calm and peaceful and even ideas are realistic and effective. Under the influence of tamas there is no willpower and clarity, in the form of rajas you risk having exalted and exaggerated ideas.

The good news Leo is that by July your buddhi should be under the influence of sattva. As much as those born in the first decade may be surprised by unexpected events, July should be a fairly peaceful month for you. However, you cannot say “no new, good news”, because the news will arrive especially at the end of the month coinciding with your birthday. Maybe it will be even just small ideas, but it is right that you believe in them and carry them forward with a placid conviction, which will give you the right energy without risking unnecessarily exalting yourself.


Ardha bhujanga-āsana, cobra partial pose

Proud and determined, but more peaceful than showing the same pride in a standing position. Root yourself with this position at least two or three times a week for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Observe what is happening around you, try to catch every signal, heighten awareness, but do not react. Just watch more than usual.

Mantra of the month

«A placid conviction».