Karmin – busy

«Just as the exterior workers do not enjoy the pleasures in the royal palace, the same is the case with the Karmins» (Śiva-purāna, 39.32). 

The word karmin is obviously related to the word karma, which means “action”. Karmin is one who is active, engaged, busy. In the Bhagavad-gītā it is one who is attached to the worldly action. Moreover it indicates those who perform religious duties with the expectation of a reward or recognition. More than a karmin, the practitioner should aspire to be a karma-yogin, that is, a person who acts without attachment to the results, therefore without expectations. So Libra should be for you. Your dharma, your life, asks you to work hard for carrying on or completing the projects you have started in recent times. If you collapse on the first refusal or in the face of a conflict, you risk vanishing all the efforts you made so far. If you don’t get discouraged, if you keep discipline and patience, July can become a climax for your activities.


Maha vira-asana, the great hero pose

It expresses all the strength and hold you need. Practice it every day for one minute per side.

 Awareness exercise

Whenever you feel physical or mental fatigue, stop and perform 3 cycles (for a total of 6 breaths) of anuloma-viloma, alternate nostril breathing. It will recharge you!

Mantra of the month

«Keep up».