Para poorna mati – transcendent intelligence 

«Seated on a soft seat, by means of one buttock, with the hands  and legs relaxed, at this time the mind becomes full of transcendence» (Vijnāna Bhairava Tantra, 78, Dhāranā in un āsana).

I thought of this verse because I liked the idea of suggesting you “relaxed legs and arms”. It is indeed a good month to relax, Pisces. Then I found out that this translation isn’t exactly accurate. Nirāśraya does not mean relaxed, but “without support”, and the sense is that the buttocks rest on a support, legs and arms do not. In short, it is a meditative position, perhaps cross-legged or perhaps legs like in gomukha-āsana.

In any case, the quote is fine for you, because if you worked well on yourself as I advised you last month, now you have a new vision of yourself and your world. So it is worth sitting in a meditative position, relaxing the body and mind and letting the higher intelligence help you reorganize your ideas and put clarity among your things according to your new understanding.


Gomukha-āsana, cow face pose

Since I mentioned it, it helps you stabilize and found yourself. Hold it for at least one minute on each side, then eventually free your hands and hold your leg position for meditation.

Awareness exercise

Sit every evening for 5/10 minutes in silence. Just try to relax. Do this for at least two weeks and watch what happens.

Mantra of the month