Tushti – satisfied 

«When the mind is satisfied and left in that state, the nature of the supreme ecstasy manifests itself» (Vijnāna Bhairava Tantra, 74, Dhāranā on the satisfaction of the mind). 

It is a good month to enjoy your holidays, affections and summer in general, Sagittarius. You should be able to achieve a good physical and mental balance and find the middle way between relaxing without being too lazy. The general climate is good and your response to it is good too. Perhaps the only risk is making the same mistakes in relationships, so try to keep yourself satisfied in this sector too and “the nature of the supreme ecstasy” will manifest!


Jātharaparivartana-āsana, abdominal rotation

It is a position that has always made me think of someone who is not looking for anything, who is fine as he is, who just wants to relax and feel comfortable. Think about it as you do it, possibly every day for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Whenever there is a small tension with someone, observe your expressed and / or hidden requests. Write them down in a notebook. Read again at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month