Nishcitya – convinced

«Knowing for certain that the prārabdha work will maintain this body, remain quiet and do away with thy superimposition carefully and with patience» (Vivekachudamani, 279).

Prārabdha is the resultant of past karma, which led to present birth. When this is resolved, there is no longer any need to be and liberation ensues. The organism remains alive, but there is no longer a superimposition of spirit and body. Yogis work to resolve karma within themselves so that they can achieve ultimate liberation from the cycle of rebirths. For all the others, in any case, life itself, together with the thrusts of the unconscious, leads towards the resolution of karma, even if it takes much longer, many lives according to Indians.

Now, having this certainty, you can be sure that what you are doing is the right choice, because life or the unconscious have led you in this direction. If not, it is the right time to change course. If this is the case, continue to work with conviction even in the face of provocations or of those who try to diminish your work. It’s a good month, full of physical strength and creativity, you just have to be convinced of the validity of what you do.


Virabhadra-āsana II, position of the hero Virabhadra, second variation

If you feel that you lack determination, practice this āsana every day for one or two minutes per side. If you have enough, just remember it with this position two or three times a week.

Awareness exercise

What undermines your trust? What words, what statements? Over the course of the month, as they come to your mind or someone tells you, write them down and write the exact opposite statement next to them.

Mantra of the month