Āgama – aquisition 

«I am the infinite, perfect and beneficial knowledge that fascinates the whole world, the object of the study of the āgama. I am pure happiness, always radiant and without beginning» (Atma-bodha Upanishad, 2).

Āgama means “knowledge”, “acquisition” and also “source” “origin”, “birth”, “coming into the world”; and again “arrival”, “appearance”. In Tantrism the term āgama indicates the traditions and the shaiva texts, that is, those connected to the cult of Shiva. Generally in āgamas it is Shiva who teaches Pārvatī or Durgā,

So, knowledge is the way to liberation, so learning should give “pure happiness”. You too Virgo could derive joy from learning in this period. In fact, it is difficult to think of enjoying holidays in July when you still have so much to do and it would be a shame to waste this time, because you have everything you need to build a better future now. A good compromise could be to travel or relax in a way in which you can still learn something (because you can learn from everything, not just from books) or apply your ideas creatively.


Ananda bāla-āsana, happy child pose

Infants explore the body in this position, learn the boundaries of their body by touching their feet. Remember to always learn, practice the position every day for two minutes.

      Awareness exercise

 Every evening sit 5/10 minutes in a meditative position. Think about what you learned during the day.

 Mantra of the month

«By learning I become happier».