Shīla – habit

«If devotion, discipline, mindfulness, renunciation, wisdom or strength is abandoned without reason by him, the person will not live by the end of the sixth month» (Kakṣapuṭatantra 19.32).

The verse sounds a bit drastic, but in the Shivaite sphere they are always a bit drastic, not to say fanatic. In this verse shīla has been translated with “discipline”, but perhaps it was more correct to think of it as “good conduct”. Shīla also means “habit”, “inclination”, “tendency” and generally concerns the way of behaving.

The heat of August induces a certain laziness that you would like to be able to fully enjoy, Capricorn. You will be quite indulgent with yourself, but the circumstances will still keep your obligations and responsibilities alive and this will make you irritable. Since you crave for lightness and serenity, start by taking on some new healthy habits, it will come in handy for when you can be freer.


Virabhadra-āsana, Virabhadra pose, variant

Lateral flexion is usually a symbol of physical and mental elasticity. In this position you can remember determination and strength and at the same time softness, indulgence, the pleasure of grace. Repeat it at least two or three times a week for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

As you would like to be lenient with yourself, think that you are lenient with others and with life too. Whenever you become irritated, consider the circumstances and allow the problems to be.

Mantra of the month

«A soft indulgence».