Lāghava – lightness

«Being the first accessory of hatha-yoga, āsana is described first. It should be practiced for gaining steady posture, health and lightness» (Hathayoga-pradipika, 1.17).

Lightness is what you need right now, Gemini, and I would say that until mid-month you shouldn’t have difficulty cultivating it. You can still enjoy summer in its meaning precisely of lightness, leisure and openness to adventures.

After the 20th of the month, a bit of heaviness will return. You will feel that summer is about to end and you will have to work again to understand if the ideas you had about what you want to do are still valid and possibly understand how to carry them forward. Of course, to ease the wholething, you can practice āsanas!


Chataka -āsana, lark pose

Look for lightness and think of the song of who is happy. Practice it every day for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you feel weighed down by an event, by a situation, look inside yourself. Is it possible to face the same thing from another point of view? Are there any positive aspects in what happens? Can you draw a lesson from it? Is there at least one aspect of the thing that can make you smile?

Mantra of the month

«Light inside».