Vina – harmony 

«In the last stage, the sounds resemble those from tinklets, flute, Vina, bee, &c. These various kinds of sounds are heard as being produced in the body» (Hathayoga-pradipikā, 4.85).

Vinā is one of the oldest Indian instruments. It is a stringed instrument from the lute family. In Hindu iconology (shilpashāstra), vinā represents mastery of skills (in the performing arts). The sound of vīnā represents creativity, which is the power of consciousness to express itself. It also refers to inner, spiritual harmony, because it recalls the vibration of moving atoms, the creation, the sound of the spheres, the harmony of all the diffused elements of the cosmos. The verse refers to this when it states that with the generation of the inner sound, the sound of a vinā is felt.

You start the month serenely Pisces and you will serenely reach mid-August, when a beautiful moon in trine will make you enjoy the good humor worthy of a day of summer celebration. Throughout the month you will feel a beautiful harmony between you and people and this will help you cultivate optimism and trust. Hold them tight for when at the end of the month some moments of discouragement or difficulty in expressing what you feel and live will return.


Nataraja-āsana, dancing Shiva pose

Look for harmony in this position, repeat it at least three times a week for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Have you ever thought of translating emotions into music? Look for harmonious music for every emotion you live.

Mantra of the month

«A pleasant inner harmony».