Grishma – summer  

«During Vasanta (spring) and Griṣma (summer), the sun blazes by means of three hundred rays» (Brahmanda Purana, 24.32). 

It’s a good month, where you can enjoy the favors of summer: lightness, openness and peace that accompanies the summer noons. At least until mid-August. After that, it is likely that you will again feel the restlessness and frenzy of various tasks. If you don’t get demoralized, and especially if you recharge with a little peace at the beginning of the month, you will be able to face everything that comes after without particular stress.


Pada vakra-āsana, rotation of the legs

You can remember the characteristics of summer in this pose: the lightness due to the little effort it requires, the opening with the chest that pushes upwards, the peace of relaxation that all the twists of the legs give. Repeat this pose as many times as possible this month.

Awareness exercise

Look for moments of recharge every day: with some rest, a light reading, a moment of silence or meditation, a bath. Enjoy these moments and think that you are accumulating energy.

Mantra of the month

«Summer pleasure».