Moksha – liberation 

«Moksha, liberation or realization of the Infinite is not existence in the form of immobile creatures! Liberation is achieved when one reaches the state of supreme peace after intelligent investigation into the nature of the Self and after this has provoked an inner awakening» (Yoga Vasistha, 6).

Moksha is the purpose of yoga. To be precise, it is one of the aspects of the condition of those who have achieved the purpose of yoga. In addition to supreme knowledge, understanding of oneself and life, discovery of one’ own true nature, the abandonment of the fear of death, there is liberation from all the conditions that create the superstructures of every human being.

The conditions for you Scorpio have never been stable in recent times. You are certainly not immobile, there is movement and not an air of peaceful firmness. If you feel rigidity, however, it is perhaps because you yourself have imposed restrictions. Use your creativity to at least free yourself from the restrictions you impose on yourself and get help from your affections. In fact, this month you can count on the understanding and support of people close to you.


Ardha chakra-āsana, half-wheel pose

Do not look for a complete arch in this position, instead think of wanting to open yourself to the sky by opening your chest, of wanting to reach the sky by stretching the abdominal belt upwards. Repeat this exercise every day for 30 seconds or a minute.

 Awareness exercise

Observe yourself whenever you say “no” to yourself or someone else. Is there a real reason to say no? Or are there deep fears or anxieties that you don’t want to face?

Mantra of the month

«I’m free»