Vidya – awareness

«All the arts acquired by men are lost by lack of practice, but this art of wisdom grows steadily once it rises» (Yoga-vāsistha-sāra, 1.13).

The most beautiful gift that yoga can give is awareness. By practicing āsanas, prānāyāmas, meditation, you acquire an awareness of body, breath and mind that is impossible to forget. You may no longer have a toned body due to lack of training, but the recognition of a contracted muscle or a quick breath will never be erased once acquired. Awareness is the only exercise that you carry with you outside of the mat and it is the only one to become spontaneous, natural, “effortless” as according to yoga practice should be.

Maybe you’ll experience some nervousness until the middle of the month, Taurus. You have a lot to do, many things in your mind and you cannot give yourself relaxation. Keep your awareness high in everything you do: certain trials and mistakes can give you useful lessons for the following weeks. From the second half of the month, opportunities may open, which will stimulate you to continue your work with renewed optimism.


Ardha-Matsyendra-āsana, Matsyendra partial pose. 

The pose makes you feel a sense of pride and dignity, giving you joy and good mood. Practice it every day for  1 min. per side.

Awareness exercise

Observe yourself every time you get nervous or experience a strong emotion: what is at the basis of that emotion? What desire, what fear? Be honest with yourself, don’t settle for the first useful answer, investigate in depth.

Mantra of the month