Karma – the action that binds

«The residue of karma, rooted in kleshas, is felt in seen or unseen existence» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.12).

It is very difficult to get rid of karma. When you think you have passed the tests and untied the knots, greater challenges, more difficult tests are presented to you, and the weight of karma returns to be felt in all its preponderance. Karma comes from the experiences of the recent past and the most remote past, even the ancient one according to the philosophy of India. The experiences are repeated each time in a different form until the corresponding karmic knot is dissolved.

Those who are born Aries have something to do with impulsiveness and lack of patience, with pride and stubbornness. Well, all these themes will be strongly present in September, Aries, so watch out for karma!


Pasha-āsana, knot pose

The pose is not exactly comfortable. It’s okay to remind you that carrying on karmic knots is also not really comfortable. Remember this every morning before starting your day.

Awareness exercise

You have surely read some horoscope that describes the characteristics of Aries. Well, write down the main ones and observe during the month if and which ones you actually implement.

Mantra of the month

«Untie the knots».