Darshana – vision

«By continuing to meditate on Paramesvara, one becomes an expert in Yoga and attains the darshana (vision) of Paramesvara» (Yoga sikha Upanishad, 1.4).

Darshana was the name of a series of philosophical schools born in India around 500 BCE. Being “a vision that brings truth” is the name that is often used for the initiation received from the master. The term itself means “sight” and “vision” or “dream” in the sense of what is seen by intuition. However, as a dream it is the bearer of the good, because it originates from wisdom and discernment.

Summer is made up of adventures and fleeting loves. I hope you have lived some and enjoyed them, Cancer. But now don’t be mad, don’t be angry if they end or are over. You can remain fantasizing about what your life would be like if certain experiences persisted or gave fruit, but from this fantasizing you would do well to draw a constructive teaching: what you really want and what not, what makes you feel really good and what not.


Bhrumadhya-drishti, the look between the eyebrows

Drishti is the gaze and he is the seer. The word has the same root as darshana. The point between the eyebrows is the center of command and is the place from which the vision starts. At least a couple of times a week sit down for five minutes and try this exercise, when you get tired, lower your eyelids, but keep your eyes on the point between the eyebrows.

Awareness exercise

Observe yourself in your daydreaming. How much of what you think could become reality with careful effort? Write down the visions and suggestions for their realization on a piece of paper. Read everything at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month

«A constructive daydreaming»