Ārogya – health

«The causes of loss are: lack of intelligence; excessive love; excess of pride; excess of selfishness; excess of simplicity; overconfidence; excess of anger; laziness; indifference; bad influence; accidental circumstances. These losses result in: Expenses without compensation; future ruin; loss of a gain that was to be realized; exacerbating of character; misanthropy; impaired health; hair loss and other accidents» (Kāma-sūtra, 6.6).

The month should start well, almost giving you the illusion that the worst is over and that you can live peacefully. In fact you should experience an atmosphere of serenity for most of the month, but the pace will become more and more pressing and towards the end of the month you may find yourself nervous again and with a great amount of work, which brings you back all the weight of responsibility, you would like to get rid of. The good news is that you have health and energy to go through everything. So why risk impair your health and exacerbating your character with an excess of anger or pride! Be careful: do not be lacking in intelligence!



Sayana buddha-āsana, sleeping Buddha pose

Remember the serenity and wisdom of the Buddha. Stay in this position at least one minute on each side every day.

Awareness exercise

Observe the moments when you get nervous. Think of the Buddha, how you imagine he would react in the same situations.

Mantra of the month

«Intelligence for serenity».