Aparigraha- non possessiveness

«When non-possessiveness is strengthened, the knowledge of the” how “and” why “of existence arises» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.39).

Have you been as quiet as I suggested last month, Leo? Do you know that tranquility is a catalyst? When you emanate an aura of serenity, people will be pleasantly attracted to you. If you look for nothing, everything comes to you, say the texts («When one is firmly established in honesty, every kind of gem presents itself (to the yogin)», Yoga-sūtra, 2.37). If you don’t need anything, you can understand a lot about what really matters in life, as the opening verse suggests.

I’m not talking about a passive attitude, Leo. I’m saying that you can learn something new: that you don’t always have to fight to get what you want, just keep your faith and keep believing in what you do.


Supta kona-āsana, supine angle pose

Supine to remain relaxed on the ground, but with the antennae of the legs up to catch what comes and be prepared for movement.

Awareness exercise

Think about what you want right now, then forget it for this month. Look at what happened at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month

«I remain relaxed and confident».