Yukta – regulated

«There is no possibility of one’s becoming a yogé, O Arjuna, if one eats too much or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough. He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system» (Bhagavad-gītā, 6.16-17).

Among the various meanings of yukta, there is “appropriate”, “suitable”, “intelligent”, “joined”, “united”. It is not so far from the term yoga, if you think that it means “harnessed” too, just like the comparison, often used to describe yoga, of horses held in by the reins of the mind. Besides, Vivekananda said: «Most of us make our minds like a spoiled child, allowing it to do whatever it wants».

Your birthday is approaching, Libra, and the excitement can only increase. If you hold the reins of what you are doing and face the difficulties patiently, it can be a highlight for the expansion of your projects. Beware of the ego and the risk of overdoing it. Recognize your limits and play your entire game within them!


Ashvasanchalana-āsana, equestrian position

A horse ready to go, but held in place by the reins. Remember to moderate and direct your horse in this pose. Practice it every morning for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

The ancient Greeks used the term katà metrón to the ancient Greeks, second measure, to remember that one can only operate within one’s limits. At the end of each day, ask yourself if what you did or did or thought about doing can respect the ancient Greeks: katà metrón.

Mantra of the month

«Katà metrón».