Mātrā – a part 

«In the contemplation of the self as contained in the parts, there is the resurrection of what was lost» (Shiva-sūtra, 3.24).

Sometimes it is nostalgia for what has been that doesn’t make you enjoy what is now. In fact, it is not that what is now is not good, but the attachment at “before” is so strong that it is not possible to appreciate the present. So you get lost in reflections on before and after, Pisces, with the risk of falling back into the usual patterns: those who want you out of the world, in your super-earthly world, unable to be satisfied with what the earth offers you.

Both your person and the present moment are a part of the Whole. In this sense Everything is always present and in some way perceptible, so why suffer or complain?


Kala-mudrā, time gesture

Mātrās were also units of measurement for keeping track of time. Remember the pendulum with this gesture that gives you peace of mind and concentration. Run it every day for one minute.

Awareness exercise

Every time you dwell on the past, think of Lavoisier «Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed». Transform the mood into something positive and constructive.

Mantra of the month

«All present».