Vakrata –  retrograde motion

«Here and there the gopis would throw themselves before the horses, but Akrūra would always make the chariot swerve and not hit them» (Brihad Bhagavatamrita, 2.6.317).

Vakra is a widely used word in hatha-yoga to refer to many of the twist postures. Vakra in fact means “curved”, “sinuous”, “round”, “curled”. In the above verse it is used as a verb for the same type of movement: to swerve. The suffix –ta is used to create a diminutive or a noun, so vakrata is something that makes a curve and as such is used in astrology to indicate retrograde motions.

Mercury is retrograde this month. Mercury’s retrograde motion is said to cause problems with technology and machines in general. Now, Aquarius is the most technological sign of the Zodiac and a retrograde Mercury risks becoming tremendously slow, obsolete and unnerving for Aquarius. As always, you want to do a lot and certain inconveniences can make you nervous. Fortunately, the general climate is favorable to you. Maintain positivity and enthusiasm in what you do and be patient if sometimes you have to brake, slow down or wait, but above all be smart like Akrūra: swerve the chariot to move forward, go around the problem!


Vakra-āsana, rotation pose

In this case it’s the most obvious position. Practice it every day for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you get stuck or a mishap occurs, stop, take 5 deep breaths in ujjayi and remember Mercury retrograde. It will help you to regain acceptance and patience.

Mantra of the month

«Patience and shrewdness»