Vichara – reflection

«Samprajnata [arises] from association with discursive thought, reflection, bliss, and I-am-ness» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.17).

Meditation is believed to be sitting without thinking about anything. Well that would be the purpose, but certainly not the process. The first stage of samadhi (the meditative state) is reached, according to the method of  Patanjali’s Yoga, with the concentration on an object that is observed, studied, considered in all its aspects.

You are in the midst of your anti-birthday, Aries. If the birthday represents a new beginning, the opposite period, after six months, is the culmination of what you have undertaken and constitutes a moment of reflection to ascertain that the path is the right one.

Last month I was telling you about Karma and maybe you are still reflecting on mistakes, regrets and bad experiences. Strong emotions preclude you from a wise and calm reflection, but it is typical of Aries to try to break down the doors to the point of almost getting hurt, only then can they learn, and this could actually happen in the very last days of the month.


Bharadvaja-āsana, sage Bharadvaja pose

Stop and think and consider all aspects of an issue, look on all sides. Practice it at least a couple of times a week, one or two minutes per side. 

Awareness exercise

For this month, take five minutes each day to sit in a meditative position and contemplate an object. Any object is fine, even if it has no particular meaning. Observe it, study it, ponder it. It will help you compensate for your impulsive appearance.

Mantra of the month

«A wise reflection»