Ākhyāna – narration

 «When the horse was duly let loose for roaming about, when the rites of Ākhyāna (Narration) etc were to be duly performed, five golden seats were kept ready» (Brahmanda Purāna, 5.3).

The ākhyānas are are the stories of the Purānas. The term literally means “to speak”, “to make known”, “to communicate”, “to declare”, “to tell”. It can indicate a tale, a fable, a legendary story. One of its meanings is also “relating”.

It’s a good month to make yourself understood, Cancer. Communicate, open up, explain yourself, tell yourself. At first you will find it difficult and perhaps you will be afraid of being judged or misunderstood. This may also happen and this will make you nervous as well as fearful. Yet after the middle of the month you will see the changes and perhaps you will be able to reconsider as positive an attitude that in the past had brought you wounds. The golden seats are in store for you!


Ardha Matsyendra-āsana, partial Matsyendra pose,

If anyone is able to tell, it is Matsyendra, the first legendary yoga teacher! Practice the pose every day, one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Sometimes you take it for granted that others understand what you mean. Don’t take anything for granted this month. Make sure, by asking, that others really understand and if not find other words to explain.

Mantra of the month

«I tell myself without fear».