Mantra – advice

«. . . from my father I carefully learned the king of mantras and many other Kṛṣṇa-mantras as we sat by the water» (Sanatkumara Samhita, 3).

The term mantra has many variations, including that of “advice” both in the sense of a suggestion from someone, and of “council”, a meeting of people. In the context of Dharmaśāstra it was used in war and it was one of the characteristics of the king’s strength. In the Puranas it was the consultation that was held with one person or many people trusted by the king. Usually it indicated the consultation of one or more experts in the Vedas, as the elders who could correct the king in his decisions. Thus it was said that the kingdom rests on mantra and that the king should not decide alone, but neither should he consult too many people.

At the end of last month the pace has grown fast and now you may feel the nervousness coming back. Obligations and challenges are still present and the risk is to take on even more than you can handle. Thankfully you are not alone in all of this, Capricorn. Consider the people around you, those who love you, who value you. Seek the advice of friends or loved ones during this period, they will help you open your horizons on new ideas to deal with things.


Shishumara-āsana, dolphin pose

Thinking about advices, oracles came to mind and the oracle par excellence was in Delphi. It seems that the name originates from the founder Delfo, an hero son of Poseidon and Melanto. To lie with her, the god of the seas turned into a dolphin. Try this pose every day for 20 seconds to 1 minute. Warning: Don’t let your weight fall on your arms, but instead use your arms to push yourself higher with your pelvis. In the same way, do not lean completely on friends – the arms represent affection among other things – but use their advice to elevate yourself.  

Awareness exercise

Listen carefully to others when they talk to you or give you advice. Even if you don’t agree with what they say, try to capture the affection they feel for you in their words.

Mantra of the month

«Happy with my affections»