Prasādhana – arranging 

«Then, in a beautiful forest grove scented with fragrant flowers and pleasant with humming bees, on an excellent bed made of new soft leaves and flowers, served by boys expert in combing and decorating His hair, singing, massaging His body of a dear friend named Shrīdāmā, He slept» (Brihad Bhagavatamrita, 2.7.68-69).

Prasādhana is organization, but it is also arranging, putting in order, arranging to make something beautiful, clean, then decorate, adorn. In short, it gives the idea of ​​preparing, organizing for something pleasant.

Are you ready for Halloween, Gemini? In this October you will experience a progression of positivity, the peak of which will arrive on the last three days of the month. Just be careful not to get caught up in excessive indulgence. Before sleeping as “He” (Krishna) does, if I were you I would prepare myself. For example, you can organize yourself by informing and studying throughout the month on how to make the most of those three days. Without too many expectations of course, but enjoying the very fact of designing and learning something new with the opportunity.


Ashwa sanchala-āsana, equestrian pose

Ready? The go-ahead will be at the end of the month. Meanwhile, prepare yourself each day with this āsana for one minute on each side. 

Awareness exercise

Do you now the difference between planning to eventually arrive at a specific goal and planning only as a mental exercise? Both are a game, both enjoyable, but this month be careful to stay on the former. 

Mantra of the month

«The pleasure of planning».