Ojasvat – energetic 

«The quintessence of all the fundamental principles of the body, starting with lymph chyle and ending with semen, is called the Ojas, which is identical with what is termed “vital power.”» (Sushruta-samhitā, 1.15.130)

There are very technical descriptions in the Ayurvedic medical field about ojas. In this context it is sufficient for you to think of certain shades of meaning of the term such as: “bodily strength”, “vigor”, “energy”, “ability”, “vitality”, “virility”, “generative faculty”, “speed” and even “skill in using weapons”. Ojas is “splendor”, “light”, “appearance”, “manifestation” too.

Life does not always let you live in peace, sometimes things fall apart or pile up and there is a need to run and get busy. Fortunately, Mars in trine gives you the energy to face everything. You risk putting the only obstacle, discouraging you or lingering in the sadness of the past. Believe in what you do and build the future the way you want it!


Maha prana-mudrā, a great gesture of energy

A pose that works on the entire kidney meridian, the holder of our physical energy. Practice it every day for at least one minute.

Awareness exercise

Vitality is easily sunk by sadness. Observe your physical strength whenever a glimmer of sadness comes to your mind and find your ojas!

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