Praśānti – peaceful

«See forms like a blind man. Hear sound like a deaf man. Look upon (thy) body as o a piece of wood. Such is the description of  a Prasānta (Yogin with his senses tranquillized)» (Amrta-nādopanishad, 14)

The dictionary describes praśānti as «to sink into rest, rest, tranquility (especially of the mind), calm, stillness, pacification». This is why the quoted verse  saysthe yogin is a piece of wood: he does not let himself be disturbed by the sense organs.

Finally a little peace for you, Pisces. After several years of suffering and hardship, there comes a time where you can feel comfortable, where everything moves effortlessly and where you understand and be understood without clashes. Now, avoid becoming a piece of wood even physically: in fact you risk getting a little lazy in this flow, but sometimes laziness is also needed.


Vakra sucirandhra-āsana, twisted needle eye pose

An extremely comfortable position, which however works well on the back and spine. Repeat this every day for a minute or two on each side.

Awareness exercise

Take five minutes each night to sit quietly. Don’t do anything, don’t look for anything. Notice how you feel from just taking five minutes of pure inactivity.

Mantra of the month

«A healthy laziness»