Svatantrata – freedom

«Thus then, even though the order is not something unchangeable (and eternal in that sense), yet it is eternal, in usage and we have to make an effort to refute the idea of men being independent» (Tattvasangraha, 2288).

Svatantrata is freedom, not in the sense of final liberation as yoga seeks, but precisely in the practical sense of independence, or self-dependent.

Is control right or is it worth being free and moving at will? Buddha and Aristotle would answer you that the right answer is somewhere in between. Freedom for those without discipline is an open sea where you can feel castaway. On the other hand, the excess of control creates anxiety about the future and the illusion of omnipotence. This month maybe you will not want to discipline and maybe it will be fine, just be careful where you direct your many energies: you can also let them vent and wander in the open sea, but a minimum of awareness can help you not make mistakes or have no futures regrets. After all, in the end, as the aforementioned verse states, man is not completely independent.


Pakshina-āsana, seagull pose

I mentioned the open sea and now I suggest you fly over it: from above the view is clearer and more complete. Repeat this pose every day for one minute.      

Awareness exercise

A good middle way between discipline and “not wanting to do anything” can be taking five minutes every day where you sit in silence and do absolutely nothing, neither with the body nor with the mind. Just stay there listening to what happens. Try and see how you feel at the end of the month..

Mantra of the month

«Freedom is a form of discipline»

(so goes a CCCP song!).