Kalpanāśakti – the power of forming ideas

«Name, universal and all the rest are connected by the said conceptual content; hence what is spoken of (by Diṅnāga’s definition) is the same conceptual content which has been described as ‘the idea associated with verbal expression’» (Tattvasangraha, 1223).

According to the dictionary the kalpanāśakti is: «the power to form ideal images or schemes, devices, ways, exciting ghosts: the faculty of imagination or invention». Kalpana is the thought, the idea, the imagination.

If you have any ideas in mind, Scorpio, now is the right time to take action in order to put them into practice. Get informed, study, plan, contact those in charge and finally associate it with a verbal and then material expression. With your birthday approaching at the end of the month, you may already see if not the fruits, possibilities and doors that open.


Akarna dhanura-āsana, archer pose, standing variant

Set your goal, train and prepare. Repeat this gesture of shooting the arrow (I breathe in charging the arch, I breathe out shooting) only three times on each side but every morning.   

Awareness exercise

Choose an idea, a goal. Every night for five minutes sit in a meditative position and focus on this idea. View the final result and then backwards the steps to get there.

Mantra of the month

«From thought to action».