Dhanya – blessed 

«I am blessed. There is no comparison in this world for my satisfaction! I am blessed, blessed by fortune, three times blessed » (Avadhuta-upanishad, 33).

In the stories told in the Puranas, Dhanyā is the name of a beautiful damsel with curly black hair and red lips, who emerged from Vaiṣṇavī’s agitation while doing penance. For these young women, Vaiṣṇavī created the city Devīpura, containing numerous palaces with gilded balconies, crystal stairways and water fountains, with jeweled windows and gardens. Dhānya instead refers to rice or, in Ayurveda, to grain, barley. Finally, dhanya without any long a means “lucky”, “blessed”, “blessed” or “healthy”, “rich” and “giving health and well-being”. On the other hand, rice gives health, being the basis of India’s diet, and the beautiful girl is certainly lucky.

You are lucky Taurus too. You are working well, you have projects, ideas, desire to do and you have good relationships too, you feel loved. Everything is so good that you risk committing arrogance: you want things your way and if they don’t work, maybe you get discouraged. Remember the efforts you made to get here, remember previous experiences, remember that you started from the base, from the wheat or rice that ensure your survival and that fortunately you do not lack. Be grateful for how things are now.


Vasistha-āsana, Vasistha pose, variant

This pose is also known as the star. You are under a lucky star, remember that despite the effort. Practice the pose at least two or three times a week until you get to one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

When you think that something is not going as you would like, think of a creative solution for which it is not the thing that adapts to your will, but you that adapt to the will of facts.

Mantra of the month 

«I am grateful».