Ākarshikā – magnetic 

«The prince [Putraka] put on the shoes and flew up in the air, taking with him the staff and the vessel. Then he went a great distance in a short time and saw beneath him a beautiful city named Ākarṣikā and descended into it from the sky» (Kathasaritsagara, 3).

It seems that it was Shiva who told the quoted story to Bhojika’s three daughters in a dream. The city must have been very beautiful if you think that the same name (but with a short final vowel) means “magnetic” “attractive”.

You are ākarshika this month too, Virgo. It is an October full of love and satisfaction with a beautiful Venus in conjunction that accompanies you for the entire month. Take advantage of this moment, because this positive and magnetic mood of yours could bring you opportunities not only in terms of love, but also in terms of work.


Mermaid easy pose

There are no mermaids in Indian culture, so there is no Sanskrit name. I liked the idea of ​​the siren’s attractiveness though. Observe how you feel every day for 1 minute on each side.      

Awareness exercise

Observe how others react when you speak or are present. What does their good disposition towards you inspire in them? The smile? Tranquillity? Other? There are times when it comes more spontaneously to be one way, but you can learn and treasure it even for times when it will be more difficult.

Mantra of the month

«Aakarshan Mantra»

(rumored to make you super attractive in every sense, listen to it here)