Pradakshina – circumambulation

«Taking up the staff of his liking, having worshipped the sun and walked round the fire to his right, he should beg for alms according to the prescribed rule» (Manusmirti, 2.48).

Pradakshina literally means “to the right”, but it commonly indicates a ritual present in Hindu culture, in which one turns around the sacrificial fire (agni) or the statue of the divinity in a clockwise direction, that is to the right. The attitude to take while revolving around is that of meditation. Circumambulation is a ritual that is actually present in other religions such as Buddhism and Islam, as well as in some pre-Christian ceremonies.

There are attitudes that you can change or improve, there are external factors or other people’s attitudes for which you can do nothing but accept and make sure that they create as little inconvenience as possible. Learn how to get around problems (and people) and you’ll see results right away with a month-end where relationships open up in a climate of easier mutual understanding.


Ardha Chandra-āsana, half moon pose

The moon revolves around the earth, which in turn orbits the sun and thus, like other planets, maintain the harmony of the universe. Practice this pose every day and remember that for harmony you can turn around too!

Awareness exercise

Rituals are symbols and can help you become aware. So why not try circumambulation? Take a symbolic object for yourself and rotate around it every day with respect and a meditative attitude.

Mantra of the month

«Go around».