Agni – the digestive faculty

«When food is properly digested it increases rasa (the essence of food, which gives strength to the body) and this strengthens the dhatus (the substances that make up the body), which in turn allows the body to support the mind and personal evolution. In this way the negative acts of millions of lives are burned» (Varaha Upanishad, 5.48-49).

Agni is the gastric fire, that fire that allows the ingested substances to be burned and transformed into nutrients. According to the Shiva-samhita when food is digested, the nādī, the energy channels, bring the best part of it to nourish the subtle body, the middle part to nourish the gross body and discharge the rest in the form of feces, urine and sweat (cf. Shiva-samhitâ, V, 52-54).

Therefore, good digestion is also essential for the subtle body, for the mind and, as the verse quoted above states, for personal evolution.

This year of responsibility is not over yet, Capricorn. You are beginning to be on the verge of patience and since you are tired of holding on, the risk is that you may explode into a fit of anger that vents a little nonsense, without precise tracks. Moreover, perhaps you will be more angry with yourself than with others, but it is precisely on this point that you can work: if you digest mistakes, if you metabolize remorse, if you learn to forgive yourself, even relationships with others will become easier. From here you can build the new you are looking for, made up of healthy and constructive habits for everyone.


Agnisara-kriyā, the purification of agni

Repeat this every day three times.  

Awareness exercise

Whenever you feel tension, even if only mental, relax the abdomen with breaths and massages.

Mantra of the month

«I give my abdomen time to digest»