Vira – brave 

«Human life is like a turbulent stream, strewn with rocks and pebbles; the brave step into it; for by sitting on the shore and enumerating hurdles, you shall never get across. Leave behind the burden of your fears, guilts, weaknesses and cumbersome attachments. Thus freed from all negative forces, smoothly cross over the stream». (Atharva Veda, 12.2.26)

I already suggested this quote to you about a year ago, Leo. At that time the focal point was to encourage you to throw yourself into the world, to take the courage to do, to participate in life. A year later the situation has changed and you can fully navigate life. The world moves, the world runs and you have to run too, just as you have to face protests or criticisms. Fortunately, you lack neither the physical nor the mental strength to cope with all this. As long as you don’t dwell on the past and compare what is happening now with what has already happened, you can treasure it all and face it with serenity.


Supta vira-āsana, sleeping hero pose

The hero is always alert, even when he rests. This position helps the stomach, helps you digest even difficult situations and prepares your body for the future. Practice it every day for at least a minute, possibly with supports under the buttocks, head and back if it is not comfortable for you.

Awareness exercise

Each ship faces its storms. In the face of any criticism or affront, think about your ability to be a good captain of your own ship. Deal with them skillfully – you can’t calm the storm, but you can walk around it and get out of it unscathed.

Mantra of the month

«I can navigate»