Priyavāc – kind words

«His sweet and kind words are full of wisdom. He has nothing to gain from noble deeds, yet he is noble; he has no craving for pleasures and is therefore not tempted by them. He is not attracted to slavery or liberation. He is not excited when his efforts bear fruit; nor is he worried if they don’t wear them. It seems to take and leave with the playfulness of a child» (Yogavāsishtha, 5.7). 

Vāc is the word, priya is a lover, someone or something pleasant. Priyavāc is speaking amiably, being friendly in addressing people using kind words.

Take advantage of this beautiful Venus which is in exaltation in your sign, Libra, to give the best of you even at work. It enhances the affability, affection, disposition of mind towards others. In this way, you will avoid ruining what could be the culmination for certain of your activities, damaging it with the irritability due to a level of recognition that is not equal to that hoped for. Enjoy what you have now, if you keep the positivity it can only grow.


Lākini-āsana, Lākini pose

Lākini is the goddess of virtue. Cultivate her grace by repeating this pose every day for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Can you be kind to someone who makes you nervous? Yes, if compassion is cultivated. Make an effort of compassion this month, understand and forgive those in front of you. You will think later about taking the necessary measures to defend yourself against certain behaviors.

Mantra of the month