Madhurya  – with sweetness

«The primary bhakti-rasas are five: śānta, prīti, preyo, vatsala and madhurya. The order of excellence is from first to last» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 2.5.115).

Mādhurya refers to the devotion inspired by the attraction to Krishna’s sweet and intimate character as a beautiful young shepherd boy and the exchange of love between Him and His devotees. It means “sweetness” or “with sweetness” or even “beauty”. Literally the word rasa means taste and bhakti-rasa are the emotions that devotees feel when their devotion becomes pure. Sweetness is one of these “flavors”. In particular, sweetness refers to the marital relationship, in the case of the devotee the marriage with Krishna.

Overall it’s a good month for you, Pisces. Peace of mind allows you to dedicate yourself to what you love or even to undertake some new activity. Some annoying events will perhaps come towards the end of the month, but the affections you experience are so sweet and pleasant that you will be able to override even the disturbing elements.


Natavara-āsana, position of Krishna playing the flute

A position to remind you of Krisha’s peace and sweetness. Practice it one minute on each side every day.

Awareness exercise

Life is not always pleasant, but sometimes in the face of difficulties we forget how many pleasures we experience. This month whenever something is bothering you, take three deep breaths to someone you love.

Mantra of the month

«My sweet affections»