Vikalpa – fantasies

«Conceptualization (vikalpa) is the result of words and ideas empty of object» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.9).

Vikalpa is one of the citta-vritti, the forms of the mind. The forms can be, as the Yoga-sutras say, painful or not painful. Presumably it is not just a division between pleasant thoughts and unpleasant thoughts. From a yogic point of view, all “worldly” thoughts cause pain, because they are part of a chain of attachments and expectations. The non-painful thoughts are those of meditation, in which it is possible with a detached attitude to observe everything that passes through the mind with objectivity.

The birthday brings you a wave of positivity that will leave you serene and satisfied at the end of the month, Scorpio, with the pleasure of expressing all your affection to those close to you. During the month you may occasionally get lost in fantasies that intertwine ideals with nostalgia. As long as they don’t take you away from the present, if you observe them with detachment they can help you to understand subtle aspects of yourself.


Garbha pinda-āsana, womb pose

To maintain balance you need concentration and therefore a calm and present mind, to close yourself you need the ability to introspect and a certain elasticity (including mental). Try it every day for one minute.

Awareness exercise

Each person unconsciously wishes to return to the protected condition of the womb. Observe yourself and you will see that in many moments this need for safety and protection is strong in you. Well in those moments connect with your breath, which is your origin, or if you can do the previous pose.

Mantra of the month