Kalā-tattva – limited action

«You are immutable, free from decay and transcend all Nadas (primordial sounds), Kala (the dimensions of time), Kastas (divisions of time), and even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva» (Teja bindu Upanishad, 5.70).

The word kala indicates time. Kalā-tattva is the stage where the unlimited and uninterrupted happiness of a soul becomes temporary and limited. This temporariness gives rise to the experience of a limited time. In other words, it is the illusion that time exists and that you are bound by it. This also generates the illusion of believing that your creativity is limited.

In your laborious pace you may occasionally stumble upon some memories of badly lived experiences that disturb your thinking and therefore your path. And if these memories meet and clash, as it could happen at the end of the month, with something or someone who questions your work, then you could go into crisis. The solution? The creativity. Look for a different way for what you didn’t like about your past so that now it is not only different, but it can open new doors and new opportunities.


Kala-mudrā, gesture of the pendulum

To remind you of the illusion of time. Practice it every day for one minute.

 Awareness exercise

When it seems to you that there is no solution, stop, take five or ten minutes in the evening in a meditative position, listen to the breath. Accept the idea that a solution can come if you leave the door open to all possibilities.

Mantra of the month