Lāghava – lightness

«The precursors of perfection in yoga, they say, are lightness and healthiness of the body, absence of desire, clear complexion, and pleasantness of voice, sweet odor and slight excretions.» (Shvetāshvatara-upanishad, 2.13).

Lightness is one of the first beneficial effects of a discipline that is not so light in its implementation. In yoga as a spiritual path tapas, austerity, are required, and the whole path is characterized by stubbornness, constancy, commitment.

It seems to me a good metaphor for you, Aries, who after so many months of testing, begin to feel the air lightening. Perhaps you have learned not to care about others or fight windmills and wasting energy (”absence of desire” says the quote above). The results of this lesson will be seen in particular in the second half of the month when a beautiful Venus makes your relationships with people lovable and Christmas will prove particularly pleasant. Perhaps a backlash to conclude the suspended season will bring frenzy and nervousness at the end of the month, but you will still face it more lightly than before.


Bhagavad-āsana, Blessed pose

To pay homage to lightness. Practice it every day for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Write every day a situation of the year in which you felt burdened. Write down what you learned from that situation.

Mantra of the month

«Om Laghu Bhavam»

(= «My essential nature is lightness itself).