Vidyā – learning

«All the arts acquired by men are lost by lack of practice, but this art of wisdom grows steadily once it rises» (Yoga-vāsistha-sāra, 1.13).

Vidyā is transcendental knowledge, which leads to liberation. In general, it indicates knowledge, therefore learning, even science, both in a sacred and profane sense. However, it is above all to sacredness that vidyā is addressed: what you learn is the key to inner evolution, to the realization of the Self and therefore to the liberation and peace of the soul.

What have you learned from this long year, Capricorn? Take stock of the situation, because what you have learned is the basis of what you want to build. New Year’s Eve for you also corresponds to your personal New Year: a new period really begins after Christmas, very different from what it was in the last two or three years. Maybe you don’t realize the foundations you have laid and a work of introspection in this sense can help you seize the opportunities that come and let go of regrets for what is no longer needed.


Sadhaka-āsana, adept pose

To remind you of the humility of those who are eager to learn. Repeat the pose every day for at least one minute.

Awareness exercise

Throughout the month, write down one thing, small or large, material or spiritual, that you have learned during this year each day in a notebook.

Mantra of the month


(it is the bījā-mantra of Sarasvati, the goddess of knowledge, is sung to learn and to access higher knowledge).