Dvandvātīta – overcoming opposites  

«Thus, there is no assault by the pairs of opposites» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.48).

Opposites are overcome when the āsanajaya is achieved, that is, the mastery of the āsanas. In a pose you can be comfortable or uncomfortable, it can be pleasant or unpleasant, tiring or easy and this summarizes the condition in which you are constantly in life: you are cold or hot, you are sad or cheerful, etc … In the meditative state the mind reaches a condition of perfect neutrality, undisturbed by any sensation or emotion. 

This being on the opposite side exemplifies your condition this month, Gemini: in the first half you would like to do or finish everything that you failed to finish during the year, as if the end of the year marked an irrecoverable loss. In the second half you risk the opposite, perhaps demoralized because you did not do what you wanted and then you give up completely. Without necessarily achieving neutrality, you can aim for a certain mastery that lies in looking for the right middle ground: relax more at the beginning of the month and keep doing what you have to do at the end of the month!


Ujjayi-prānāyāma, breathing of the victorious

The word jaya I used above also means victorious. Both concepts refer to a victory over oneself. Remember this by focusing on this breathing every day for 3 minutes  

Awareness exercise

Make an effort of awareness this month and for every free minute, every car trip, every moment you don’t have to speak, breathe in ujjayi.

Mantra of the month

«Om Jaya Jaya Shakti”

(“Om, the energy of victory”, a typical Tamil song, just remember these words but listen to the whole song here ).