Purushārtha – the goals of existence 

«Spiritual merit and wealth are called “good”; or pleasure and wealth; or spiritual merit alone, or wealth alone is “good”; but the truth is that it is the aggregate of the three» (Manusmirti, 2.224). 

The removal from suffering is a life priority in yoga and in this perspective there are four main purposes of existence (purushârtha): wealth (artha); pleasure (kāma); duty (dharma); liberation (moksha). There are phases of life in which conditions require you to pursue more one than the other, for example during middle age with a family to feed you need to pursue more artha, while in old age you can devote more time to spiritual fulfillment. In any case, they are all to be remembered and supported.

You’re dedicating a lot to artha, Leo. You work with enthusiasm and you want to do. You are responsive and you manage relationships with others well. Do not forget the rest though: Christmas will bring with it reflections that will make you understand the importance of closest affections and how it is necessary to cultivate and satisfy spiritual needs and not just material ones.


Dharmika-āsana, devotion pose

Does this pose make you uncomfortable? Observe your feelings. Practice it every day for at least one minute.

Awareness exercise

During the month, make a small renunciation every day in favor of affections, even it means to work just five minutes less and dedicate those minutes to affections. It is not the quantity, it is the quality and the willingness to do it that matters.

Mantra of the month

«Affection enriches me»