Vatsala – affectionate

«The learned recognize vatsala-rasa as one of the rasas because of its clear expression of bliss. In this rasa, the sthāyī-bhāva is vatsala-rati and the ālambana is the son or other offspring» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 3.4.78).

Vatsala is a feeling of love, affection that the parent feels towards the child, so much so that the word vatsala can be translated as “tenderly affectionate” “loving”, but also “anxiously attentive”. Vatsala is one of the rasas of bhakti-yoga, the yoga of devotion. Literally the word rasa means taste and bhakti-rasas are the emotions that devotees feel when their devotion becomes pure. The sthāyī-bhāva is the psychological state which in the vatsala becomes pleasure, enjoyment and the ālambana is the object linked to this pleasure.

Happy birthday Sagittarius! Throughout your birthday and even after, relationships will be active and positive and will be able to cloud that sense of confusion that you have been carrying inside for some time at least for this month. Reflections on life and your evolution can take new directions based on what’s going to happen around your birthday. The days around Christmas will find you peaceful and loving.


Ananda bala-āsana, happy child pose

Seems relevant to me! Try this pose every day for one minute..

Awareness exercise

Whenever you find yourself immersed in your mental lucubrations, in your worries, think about taking a vacation for this month from your thoughts. With the new year the solution will come, but you need to disconnect. Turn that mental time to your loved ones.

Mantra of the month

«I enjoy my affections »