Gandhana – perseverance

«The devotees enjoy riches due to their personal efforts and through the grace of God, but mainly through their own patience and perseverance » (Rig Veda 1.138.3).

Gandhana is continuous effort, perseverance, but strangely it also means to hurt or kill.

I remember a psychomagic exercise performed at a seminar by the illustrious Alejandro Jodorowsky, in which the master asked to represent the walk of a murderer. Someone was appalled because the idea of ​​feeling like a killer made him uncomfortable. Yet, explained Jodorowsky, the killer represents determination at its best and it is what the body must learn – to impress it in the mind – by walking like a murderer.

Now that the changes for some Scorpios have already arrived and for others are hovering in the air, it is time to organize themselves to understand the direction to take or how to ground the direction taken. It is not enough to dream or think, it is the time to act and action requires patience and perseverance. 


Anuloma viloma -prānāyāma, alternating nostril breathing

It helps you stay steadfast and persevering. Practice at least 3 cycles (6 breaths in total) every day.

Awareness exercise

Try the killer’s walk several times a month. Continue until you feel determined.

Mantra of the month

«Perseverance and patience».