Bala – strength 

«Do you receive the mantras Bala and Atibala, and you will not feel fatigue or fever or undergo any change of look, and whether asleep or heedless, the Rākṣasas will not be able to surprise you. And, O Rāma, the might of your arms will be unequalled in this world,—nay, in all the three worlds» (Ramayana, 1.22).

It is said in the Ramayana that the sage Vishvāmitra gave Rama two powerful mantras, the mantras of strength, which would make him invincible, make him not feel exhaustion and hunger anymore. On the other hand, Rama is invested with a great responsibility and needs all the possible strength for his task. 

Did you feel tense on New Year’s Eve and are you afraid it will be like this for the whole year? Yes and no. This is your year, Aquarius, but remember: “With great power comes great responsibility” as said in Spider-man. Already from your birthday you will be able to see this beautiful growth, but sometimes you will have the impression that it gets out of hand , that it changes unintentionally or it is too much to bear. Come on, Aquarius, it’s time to prove your strength!


Bala-āsana, strength pose

Abdominals are the seat of emotions and will. Repeat this āsana as many times as you can to strengthen the body and mind.

Awareness exercise

For every moment of fatigue, remember last year or a few years ago, when maybe you wanted to be where you are now. Take a couple of deep breaths and think about Rama’s greatness. You can do it too!

Mantra of the month

«Come on!»

(The mantra bala-atibala is very long and difficult, if you still want to feel a version, you can hear that of this cute guru).