Pratyaksham – clearly

«On the strength of my practice of meditation, I would see Śrī Jagadīśvara within and without, as if He were directly before me in all His various forms that I had seen before.» (Brihad-bhagavatamrita, 2.2.118).

The word pratyaksham means “directly”, “publicly”, “clearly”, “personally”, “immediately” and “in the presence of”, “before the eyes”, “at the sight of”.

In the case of the above verse, extracted from a text of the tradition of bhakti-yoga, devotional yoga, it is used to make people understand how the Lord manifests himself in person before the eyes of the devotee, without intermediaries and without shadows of doubt or uncertainty.

Aries is a fairly straightforward sign, but at times it may have happened that you do not speak or do not express your emotions, in order to live quietly. Now, mindful of past experiences, you do everything to make yourself understood, you speak directly, and the good news is that you succeed. It is important for you to set the record straight at the cost of effort and criticism. You need it to set the new year the way you want, to progress in the direction you want to go, to lighten your inner burdens and live with more serenity.


Ardha bhujanga-āsana, half cobra pose

It is a proud and open position, of someone who imposes himself firmly and calmly. Repeat it every day for 30 seconds. 1 minute per side. Put a soft cloth under your back knee if you have knee discomfort.

Awareness exercise

Write in a journal what you would like to say to yourself and to others. Write a few points and then every day pick up the same points and rewrite them using fewer words and more clear, defined, concise.

Mantra of the month