Atmarakshana – taking care of oneself  

«One should first engage the Brāhmaṇa in honour of the gods, as a protection to these (offerings to) Pitṛs; for the Rākṣasas take away the śrāddha that is devoid of protection.» (Manusmriti 3,204).

Rakshana is a word that stands for “protection”, “cure”, “defense” and is used three times in the above verse. The shrāddha is faith, while the Rākshasas are the demons. Demons easily take away those who do not protect their faith, not only with offerings and prayers to the gods, but also with a work of self-care, of awareness of one’s own divine nature. In this sense ātmarakshana is self-care: the care of the ātman, the spirit, the self.

There have been many reflections in 2020 for you, Cancer, and the closing of the holidays on January 7th marks the end of that overly enthusiastic momentum I told you about last month and that made you nervous more out of arrogance than out of real headaches. An indulgence towards others, but above all towards yourself will be back then, because in the meantime you have acquired more awareness of yourself. Perhaps it is from here that you can set a good resolution for the new year: with more awareness of yourself you can better understand what you need and therefore take care of yourself in the most appropriate way.


Yogamudrā-āsana, yoga seal pose, variation

Embrace all of yourself in this position that works on the Heart Master and on the Triple Heater, the vital functions that ensure physical and psychic warmth.

Awareness exercise

What makes me happy is a question that everyone asks themselves, but perhaps not everyone does an in-depth analysis. Start with a very simple plan: write one thing in a notebook each day that makes you happy. Review your list at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month

« What do I need?».