Cānantyāya kalpate – potentially infinite 

«The individual soul is as subtle as a hairpin divided and sub-divide hundreds of times. Yet he is potentially infinite. He has to be known» (Śrīmad-bhāgavatam, 11.15.4-5).

Kalpa means “appropriate”, “possible”, “right”, “feasible”. Anantya is the infinite. So the term means something that is feasible in an infinite direction.

Start with the good intentions Libra, because this month will already show you, especially starting from the second half, what the whole year looks like. With a Jupiter finally putting itself on your side, your potential is at its maximum, especially in the creative and work environment. I’m not saying that your potential is infinite (the spiritual one yes, but not the material one) nor that Jupiter will do the work for you. I say that you have to become aware of this potential and work for it. Saturn will ask you for commitment to build your future and what you do will be permeated with enthusiasm and will go in the right direction.


Virabhadra-āsana II, hero Virabhadra pose, second variant

You need an assertive position, Libra and this may be the right one to start the year.     

Awareness exercise

How far can you range? Faced with each new proposal, do not immediately say yes or no, but observe your spontaneous reactions: enthusiasm, fear, inadequacy, illusion? Write down all these emotions and reread them at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month

«I express my potential»