Manojalpa – imagination

«Just as the fire produced by the wind (which increased the flame) can be extinguished by the same wind, even what is born of the imagination is destroyed by the same imagination» (Yoga-vāsistha-sāra, IV.3) “.

There are several terms to define imagination, some are related to fantasies, others to thoughts in general, still others to the cosmic illusion, māyā. Manojalpa is composed of mano-manas, the mind, and jalpa which means “to chatter”, “to chat”, even “to gossip”. In short, manojalpa is a chatter of the mind.

This 2021 bodes well for Pisces and prepares for an even better 2022. The hardships of recent years have passed. Only your regent Neptune remains to confuse your ideas a little longer, to push you to a higher sensitivity on the one hand, but also to mental fatigue on the other. On the other hand, fantasizing too much takes away energy as well as continuing to think! So rest your mind on this year and get ready to get your feet back on the ground. A taste of Jupiter’s fortune in the summer will let you know what I mean!


Utkata-āsana, powerful pose

To literally keep your feet on the ground!

Awareness exercise

Do you know the practice of silence? Whenever the mind moves too much and too fast, listen to the smallest and most banal sounds: the water that flows when you wash your hands, the rustle of the sheet when you move in bed, etc.

Mantra of the month

«I rest my inner ears!»